About Brooks and Bridges

At Brooks and Bridges, we're passionate about creating spaces that wow with standout pieces. Based in Maryland, our brand is all about infusing homes with elegance and charm.

Our Ethos, "For the Elevated Home," defines our commitment to making living spaces stylish sanctuaries. Founded by Nathalie Brooks, our brand thrives on her love for designing spaces that pop with statement pieces.

Nathalie's fascination with standout pieces shapes everything we do at Brooks and Bridges. It's about finding those items that decorate a room and make it unforgettable.

Since starting in 2020 as a tableware company, Brooks and Bridges have grown to offer a wide range of interior delights. Each piece is chosen or crafted to embody Nathalie's vision of enduring style and beauty. From stunning table settings to eye-catching decor, our selections are designed to elevate any space.

Inspired by Nathalie's belief that great design brings people together, our collections are more than just decorations—they're conversation starters. Whether it's a big event or a cozy gathering, our standout pieces ensure every moment is memorable.

At Brooks and Bridges, we invite you to explore our curated collections and discover the power of standout pieces in your home. Embrace Nathalie's vision of spaces that tell stories and reflect your unique style.

With Brooks and Bridges, you can create a home that's not just beautiful but truly unforgettable.


Meet Nathalie Brooks, the visionary founder and CEO of Brooks and Bridges. Passionate about fostering connections, Nathalie infuses her love for fellowshipping into every aspect of the company. Her inspiring leadership creates moments that spark meaningful conversations, bridging people and ideas together with purpose and impact. Join us in building bridges that go beyond business at Brooks and Bridges.